Delhi government hikes salary of guest teachers

Delhi government hikes salary of guest teachers

Low salary of teachers has been one of the biggest problems
in the country’s education system. Due to this, very few bright minds take up
teacher’s role at any level. The AAP in Delhi is trying to change that with its
latest move.

The education minister of the national capital, Manish
Sisodia announced that the government is planning to hike the salary of guest
teachers at Delhi government’s schools. As per the announcement, the Lt.
Governor of the national capital has given his approval to increase the salary
of about 17,000 guest teachers across the state. These teachers fall under the
categories of assistant teachers, TGT and PGT.

This would bring in a considerable increase in the salaries.
The old salary of Rs. 21,000 has been hiked to Rs 34,000. The monthly salary of
Rs. 18,000 would now be Rs. 33,000 and a salary of Rs 16,000 would now be
changed to Rs 32,000 per month.

The minister was quoted as saying, “Now ‘guest teachers’ will be able to lead a dignified life. It is
a move towards providing quality education”.

The demand for a hike in the salary has been going on for
many years by the guest teachers.

Chief Minister expressed satisfaction upon the development.

The government is taking more steps to inculcate leadership
qualities in children. The Delhi government will also run leadership programmes
for students in government-run schools. The announcement regarding the same was
made by Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia on Tuesday.



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