Truman scholarship: Seven Indian Americans selected

Truman scholarship: Seven Indian Americans selected

Over the years, Indian students have reached the best institutions in the world and made a name for themselves and the country alike. Continuing this tradition, as many as 7 Indian American students have made the cut for the prestigious Harry S Truman scholarship. This scholarship is offered to the students of junior college who have been known to demonstrate a knack of leadership. These finalists would now face an interview with the selection panel which begin from 3rd March and would go on till 7th April.

Usually, about 55 to 66 candidates are annually selected to be the Truman Scholars. The entire process includes multiple stages including interviews, essays and recommendations. The students are judged on their academic achievement, public service along with leadership skills.

The selected students end up getting up to $30,000 for funding their graduate study. A total of 768 candidates belonging to 315 known institutions applied for this scholarship.

The selected Indian students are –

·Shreya Ganeshan who is studying in the University of Georgia

·Anjali Misra who is studying in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

·Samarth Gupta who is studying at the Harvard University

·Megan Patel studying at the Georgetown University

·Maya Durvasula of the Duke University

·Manju Bangalore from the University of Oregon

·Anjana Murali who studies at the University of Pittsburgh

It was in the year 1975 that the Truman Scholarship foundation came into being and over 600 applications are reviewed each year by the committee for the scholarship.



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