Teachers threaten to resign from admin posts on St Stephen’s autonomy case

Teachers threaten to resign from admin posts on St Stephen’s autonomy case

As St Stephen continues to seek autonomy status, a particular section of St Stephen’s teachers is threating to resign from the administrative move as an opposition to the institution’s move.Even after facing protests from the students, the institution last week had decided to move forward with the proposal to seek the autonomous status.

A teacher, who is also a member of the staff association said, that the GB meeting where the decision to seek autonomy was taken was called in an “undemocratic manner”.

“The decision was taken despite dissent of four members,” the teacher added. “The staff association of the college has decided that teachers will resign from the administrative positions they are holding on non-remunerative basis,” he said.

Detailed ReportThe GB is a body which comprises of 18 members and they are teachers, members of church and other elected representatives. Principal John Varghese said, “The decision will not affect the students and teachers as the minority status already gives autonomy to the college.”

But students still staged a protest outside the college demanding a proper consultation with the stakeholders. The principal remained unavailable for the comment on teachers’ threat to resign.

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