Child marriages in Rajasthan reduce due to Education

Child marriages in Rajasthan reduce due to Education

One of the biggest social evils hampering the growth of our country has been child marriages. Despite several laws being enacted in this regard, little progress has been seen in controlling them. But finally there is some good news in this regard.

As per the reports, there has been as much as a 30% reduction in the child marriage cases in the state of Rajasthan. This drop is being attributed to the various education related measures taken up in the state by Anita Bhadel, the Women and Child Development minister of Rajasthan.

The minister made this announcement as part of a Jaipur held event in order to celebrate International Women’s Day.

The state has also seen a rise in the women athletes going on to represent the country at the International stage. The state’s health minister, Kalicharan Saraf, was quoted as saying, “It is women who made us proud in Olympics. We need to usher in a change in society for helping women getting equal rights."  While Kiran Maheshwari, Rajasthan’s Higher education minister said, "Child marriage is societal taboo and appealed to people to help in curbing the practice in their areas.”

Celebrated across the world on 8th March, the International Women’s Day came into being in 1900s with an aim to celebrate the political, social, cultural and economic achievements made by women. It aims to put an end to gender discrimination.




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