School syllabus in Rajasthan will feature 200 historical personalities

School syllabus in Rajasthan will feature 200 historical personalities

Students in Rajasthan schools will soon learn about various historic personalities who played important role in the freedom of India as the government has decided to include the references to 200 historical personalities as a part of syllabus for the school.

Glorious history of RajasthanPrimary and Secondary Education minister, Vasudev Devnan, said “slave mentality did not allow some books on history to come out” and “now it is time for students to learn about the glorious history."Historic personalities whose names have been added to the syllabus are yet unknown but minister said that appropriate space has been given to every religion and sect.

"Rajasthan has a glorious history. We need to rise above the slave mentality and to connect students with historic truths. Post independence, several history books were not allowed to come out just because of the slave mentality,” the minister said.

Change in school uniformsAccording to the reports, the government of Rajasthan is working hard to introduce new reforms in the schools such as pushing digital technology in the education sector. The school uniforms will also go under change from the 2017-2018 session.

Light brown colored uniforms will replace the existing khakhi and blue uniforms.

The minister also said “the change in uniforms will boost the student’s confidence. According to reports, Modi government’s demonetization and digital economy plans have made into the class 12 textbook of economics in the state.”



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