A note to Indian Education System

A note to Indian Education System

We, the people of India, are famous for criticizing our own education system while, on the other hand, the Ethiopian government is so inspired by the system that they came all the way from Ethiopia to learn more about the Indian Education system. The Ethiopian government sent a team of 17 members, who attended 8 day long program and studied the Indian education system at the grass root level.

The concept of midday meal caught the special attention of the members. “Food security plays a great role in raising the next generation, it is one of the outstanding achievements India has,” says Ato Tayachew Ayalen, Director of Mother Tongue and English language education development. Midday meal has received much criticism from the people of the country for various reasons but Dr. Jordene Hale, Chief of Party, says, “The idea of food is a risk worth taking, four, five children got sick but look at how many are fed.”

Other Initiatives which impressed the team:

Ayalen says, “We are failing in student tracking system and India is maintaining it so well.”“Teachers in Ethiopia are not as skilled as teachers in India, may be due to the Teacher Eligibility Test (TET),” noted A to Birgam Moreda, Advisor to the state minister of General Education.The team was also impressed by the Education Management Information System (EMIS) inspection system in India, which helps in maintaining the quality of education and requirements in the schools.Government’s involvement in promoting the “‘Education for all” in India.The also highly appreciated the three language formula with English and Hindi as compulsory languages along with one other regional language.

The meet was organized by the IPE global who has been working with the governments, multilateral and bilateral agencies and aims at providing the expert technical assistance and solutions in the developing countries for promoting sustainable growth.

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