CBSE schools order 5.5 million NCERT books

CBSE schools order 5.5 million NCERT books

NCERT has always been known to produce some of the finest
books for school students in the country. While a number of schools prescribe
NCERT books to its students, many schools were still averse to NCERT books
being used by their students.

But recently, the Ministry of HRD made it compulsory for the
schools to have NCERT books. After this order, a major increase in the number
of orders for books given to the NCERT has been seen. The ministry had set 28th
February as the deadline for the schools to have NCERT books.

Following this order, the NCERT has received an order of
close to 5.5 million books from a total of 2,200 private schools. As per the
experts, this number could well breach the 10 million mark very soon.

The HRD Ministry is looking into the delivery process of the
books and is making all the efforts to ensure that the books are delivered at
the earliest. The NCERT expects to deliver the books by either end of April or
by the first half of the month of May.

As per an official from the CBSE, “To help them, CBSE is thinking of opening up the indent facility
for another week or 10 days in March. However, for schools placing these late
orders, the books cannot be delivered before the start of the 2017-18 academic
session. They will be made available by April or early May. The total demand is
likely to touch the 10-million mark.”

It was in a meeting chaired by the HRD minister that it was
decided that all the CBSE schools must use NCERT books compulsorily from the
academic session 2017-18.




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