Lieutinent Governer praises AAP government, as he lists the governemnt’s achievement

Lieutinent Governer praises AAP government, as he lists the governemnt’s achievement

Delhi’s Lieutenant Governor Anil Baijal on Monday praised the Delhi government and lists its achievements in the sector of health, education and other sectors and said “1,000 Mohalla Clinics will be set up within six months.”

Balaji was addressing the Delhi Assembly on the opening day of the budget session where he listed all the work done by the AAP government in last two years. Paying special attention to the health and education sector he said" over 100 Mohalla Clinics -where people have access to doctors, tests and medicines for free – were working and their number would go up to 1,000 in six months.“

In his 25 minute address he said "the clinics had earned global acclaim including from former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan.”

He further added “Delhi government had also made radiology tests like MRI, CT and PET scans free for Delhi’s residents. My government is focused on providing affordable healthcare services to its citizens and 10,000 additional beds will be soon added to the Delhi’s healthcare system.”

Mentioning the achievement in the education sector he said “work is going on to build 8000 new classrooms and 20 new schools, out of which 14 schools are ready. For higher education, construction of new campuses for Ambedkar University had started at Rohini in north-west Delhi and Dheerpur in north Delhi. For skill development, the Delhi government will set up five new polytechnics.”

He also told “water connections had been provided in 1,175 unauthorized colonies. The government was also giving 20,000 liters of drinking water free to every household.”

Addressing another achievement of the government he mentioned “The third phase, which will take the Delhi Metro’s operational network from 189 km to 330 km, is likely to be completed by June 2017.”




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