Mumbai HC directs Education Department to make sure that every school has art teachers

Mumbai HC directs Education Department to make sure that every school has art teachers

In order to lay emphasis on the importance of art education in schools, the Aurangabad bench of Mumbai HC has directed the Department of Education to make sure that classes 5 to 7 has art teachers in each school.

According to the reports “It is the creative individuals who are proving to be successful in this world today. There are tremendous avenues and opportunities available to those individuals who are trying to be creative and innovative.”

How it all started?Justice Ravindra  V Ghuge was in charge of hearing a writ petition filed by Jalgaon based school against the administrating body of the school which reinstated an art teacher in the school despite the disapproval of the education department.Mohammad Wahab, in 2009 was appointed as a shikshan sevak in the school and upon completion of three years the school sent an application to regularize his appointment as an art teacher. But, education department was against this as there was no post for the art teacher which led to the oral termination of Mohammad. Against the decision, Mohammad approached the school governing body which then reinstated him.

Due to lack of sanctioned post, Mohammad was working with the school on ad-hoc basis as a result the school approached the high court as there was no sanctioned post and said that they are being burdened by an extra employee.

The court upheld the school’s governing body decision after perusing all the documents and the reports related to the matter. The court also said “as per Government Resolutions of 1979, 1980 and 1985, there should be compulsory appointment of an art teacher in every school between classes 5 and 7.”




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