Ramjas College Violence: Delhi assembly witnessed heated debate

Ramjas College Violence: Delhi assembly witnessed heated debate

Delhi Assembly witnessed altercation between the ruling party “AAP and opposition BJP over the recent incident of  violence in Ramjas College, Delhi and issuing of rape threats to Delhi University Student Gurmehar Kaur. Earlier, Delhi tourism minister Kapil Mishra had denounced the rape threats which were made against Miss Kaur.

MLA from Chandani Chowk, Alka Lamba began the discussion in the assembly by playing the video of Gurmehar Kaur in which she was holding placards. In one placard she was protesting against the violence that took place in Delhi University and in another she was saying "Pakistan did not kill my father, but war did.” Kaur also launched a social media campaign against ABVP.

MLAs from opposition largely objected to the playing of the video in the assembly. After this both parties started accusing each other. BJP accused AAP for supporting Kaur and JNU students Umar Khalid and Kanhaiya Kumar. Both students are accused of sedition. In response to the BJP’s accusations AAP accused BJP of supporting activists from ABVP to raise the anti-national slogans.

Delhi Tourism and Culture Minister Kapil Mishra, raising the issue of Gurmehar Kaur, said in the assembly that the “morale of soldiers protecting the borders goes down when the daughter of a martyr gets rape threats”.

He further added “the morale of soldiers is lowered when a trooper demanding implementation of the One Rank One Pension (OROP) scheme has to commit suicide and another has to post a video on social media for getting a proper meal.”

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