Detailed Analysis: CBSE class 12th English Exam

Detailed Analysis: CBSE class 12th English Exam

The English exam for class 12 was conducted by the CBSE on March 9 and below is the detailed analysis of the exam held.

Section A: Reading Comprehension

There were two to three tricky questions in the first two unseen passages of the exam which called for the thorough reading of the passages; however, the vocabulary questions were quite easy.A slight change in this year’s comprehension was in question ‘g’ where students were asked to give their own opinion, which is not so common as far as comprehensions are concerned.Passage given for the note making was not difficult as it was based on the topic ‘pollution’ which any student can tackle very easily.

Section B: Writing

Both the options provided in the exam carried ‘notice writing’ which dispirited the students, as such choice was also not so obvious based on previous exam pattern.Letter writing was easy as sufficient inputs were given which made the question fairly simple.Articles were related to current affairs which were boon for the students who were aware of them from the newspaper reading.Fair amount of input made the report writing easy.The question on speech was tricky as instead of mentioning about the achievements in the sports, it was more focused on the empowering women and the challenges they face in sports

Section C: Literature

Literature section was fair enough as it carried a good balance of direct and incident questions.Some questions were indeed tricky.Question number 10 was thought provoking which provided students with the canvas to display their caliber.Questions from novel were indeed challenging but they were a reward for them who have studied them with earnest effort.




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