IIT-Kanpur students bag award for creating a Braille slate

IIT-Kanpur students bag award for creating a Braille slate

Students of Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur received Gandhian Young Technological Innovation Award-2017 for they were able to develop a working prototype of a Braille slate called ‘Anubhav.’ They were bestowed with the award at the function held at Rashtrapati Bhawan on March 5.

Gandhian Young Technological Innovation (GYIT) Award is given to encourage the spirit of innovation among students from all fields of engineering, science, technology and design.

First of a kind device which helps visually impaired to read and write simultaneously

Sachin NP and Vimal Chandru were students of design program under the guidance of Prof Shantanu Bhattacharya when the idea to develop Anubhav was initiated. At that time there was no single device which can help the visually impaired people in writing and reading simultaneously.

Sachin now working in German Company said “The award is a reward for our hard work. It will inspire us to do more innovation and bring about a change in society. Technology should be used for the betterment and welfare of society.”

“So we thought of sorting out the issue. The idea was to make a single device that can perform the functions of both the Braille slate and the Taylor’s board,” said Sachin and Vimal.

“The device has been tested with visually impaired children in Kanpur (Andh Vidyalaya students), and the results have been very encouraging,” claimed Sachin, adding, “This project has been in progress for the past one year. ‘Anubhav’ was the result of thorough research. Now, we are trying to approach the state government to make this product available in the market.”

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