SAP program introduced by IIT-Kharagpur: Students now will be able to study for two semesters abroad

SAP program introduced by IIT-Kharagpur: Students now will be able to study for two semesters abroad

Students of premium Indian Institute Technology Kharagpur will now be able to study broad as “Semester Away Program (SAP)” has been introduced by the university. After the completion of this course students will have the opportunity to study a semester or two at any foreign or Indian university before they complete their official course.

PK Das, dean of the Post-Graduate program said, “A student will be able to choose an institution in India or abroad and a course offered by them. They will choose the course, take the approval of the faculty and apply. The university does not necessarily have to be one we have MoU (memorandum of understanding) with. If chosen, the students will be able to go there for one or a maximum of two semesters.”

“Studying in the top universities across the globe will add to their CV. The national/international exposure to the top institutes will make them more employable,” Professor Das further added.

However, the catch is that students will have to make their own arrangement for the course fee. If the institution has MOU with the host university, or if student bags a scholarship then to some extent their tuition and hostel fee could be waived but, for the most part students are responsible for their own arrangement.

Later on, we will try to arrange for alumni endowment for this purpose,“ said Sriman K Bhattacharyya, deputy director of IIT-Kgp.




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